November '18

This article provides elements of mindset and rituals that are as delicate as discrete; as adaptable to anyone and so powerful. These Japanese traditions actually resonated in me in the way that many of them were regular and deeply-happy childhood memories (rituals at the time, how could it get so lost ?), and these are actually part of the national culture of a country.

This one is financial yet essential. It would definitely be a class I would teach in my school. Money and (personal) finances are never spoken of in educational structures, yet it is an essential discipline, among physical activity, self-care and balance, in a healthy life. It is only being half-taught within families, because it is also a taboo in many places, which I deeply disagree with ! Just like we speak about food and sport, we should speak about finances and how to sustain ourselves in an efficient way. - Nassima Rothacker - Nassima Rothacker