That zero-waste thing....

I think it is important to realize in what world we are living in today. Our attention, our time, our choices are power means for the leading brands. We know it. And it is up to us and only us to choose to be a part of that power cycle or not, or at least to what extent. Not being a part of it requires tremendous courage (I am thinking about going Walden style), as well as a shitload of time to look and search and instruct ourselves about the consequences of each of our gestures of participation in the market. Making sure what all those “ethical” “green” and all other fufu labels mean. So my take, as a modest and pretty regular working middle class human, is to make a tradeoff between my idealistic (Waldenistics) values and my reality (the job, the little salary, the balanced life !). It goes along those “life-hacking” principle; get the most out of the least. Investing little here and there, and get big from it. There are plenty zero-waste blogs, youtubes, books, you name it, of much higher quality than my content. However, here is my take, not being specialised, and yet, immensely happy with it.

  • Gear

    For a start, thermal/insulated bottles: HydroFlask, 24Bottles, Sipp, Klean Kanteen - Tried, intensively used and highly approved, their high price tag will last you a life time. They can be found in more and more places (even beyond the organic or alpinism gear shops). It is one item (or more, I personnally have three of them, and three BPA-free plastic bottles in my car and in my room) that substitutes hundreds, if not thousands of one-use plastic bottles thrown away per year.

  • Groceries shopping

    First and foremost: no matter how annoying you could pretend it is, PLANNING AHEAD is the way. Open your cupboards (if there are too many, declutter first), assess what you need and also what you do not need, as well as the quantities.
    Totes bags, cotton bags.

  • General shopping

    Second hand: Vinted, Depop

  • Lifestyle

    Go outdoor as much as possible, walking up to 30mins is mostly worth the time - benefits are uncounted and nearly unlimited.