American Litterature

This category is only making sense after reading the following books; there is actually such a thing as the American literature, for I believed America was a worldwide generic symbol of power, marketing, well, America, in the eyes of all the other countries. And we all know that generic goes very often with nothing special defining it right ? But these books gave me a deep and very genuine insight into the very subtly peculiar culture that reigns in the USA. The deep notion of freedom - although I consider my country a place of total freedom, America has defined its freedom in a very different way - and an underlying ambiance of belonging, but not quite yet.. I am not sure of my words. But there is this very specific American style to people (characters), and each of the way to tell a story (writers) that I have found myself to discover, and, with amazement, used to some extent in my evolving ways of behaving and expressing myself. Americans have shown me a very blunt way of being honest and oneself, not fearing to fully assume ones identity, but still having a sense of society, and community values; respecting the place you come from.