Sharing value

Dear human, my name is Rachelle.

Giving, spreading, finding passion and sharing it are highly valuable gifts that were given to us. I want to make my passion for these gifts as available as possible. Giving insights, spreading culture, loving ideas, sharing character - let me show you.

For the curious and genuine ones, I am a belgian 23 years old woman, currently earning a decent income as an electronics engineer (research and development in digital signal processing at the moment, for the courageous ones) but I want more of it, so much more ! I want to give my soul and heart in providing value to a public as wide as possible, to as many persons I can. And it is obvious that this will not be achieved by sitting behind my computer and cables for more than a third of a day.

About my writing process inspiration: listen to this.

Too weird to live, and too rare to die. — Hunter S. Thompson